CAIFÁN  kaiˈfan – When we find someone nice, in spanish we say “Me cae bien”. In english, we would say “He is fine”. From there came the expression “Me cae fine”, or Caifan. With time, the word took over several meanings but has always described something from the streets, something popular.

That’s where we got the idea of naming our restaurant Caifan. We want to get people to experience the most popular and typical food from Mexico’s capital or its many different regions, and in the process share a thousand year old heritage that lives day after day in the streets of Mexico.


Eduardo Acosta Blanco started working in the kitchen of a cafeteria at the company where his father worked, as punishment for the problems he had in high school. It didn’t fix his problems but he found one of his passions in the kitchen. He worked in a multitude of places that had something to do with cooking: restaurants, pizza places, taquerias, bakeries, etc.

In 2009, he immigrated to Montreal and joined a program to help reintegrate professionals in the cooking business. He then worked in a café in the offices of the magazine l’Itinéraire and then joined the team at the restaurant Tapeo, where he worked for 7 years.

He always dreamed of opening his own restaurant, where he would serve the food he grew up with, using the original ingredients and authentic tastes. After many years of planning, he decided in 2016 to open the doors of Caifan to the public.


Everything we do gravitates around Mexico’s huge heritage, history and culture. What we call these days “Mexican food” is actually a mix of influences from around the world.
First, there are very ancient ingredients and techniques, like hot peppers which have been cultivated for 9000 years. Then, during the conquest of Mexico, whole languages, temples and teachings were destroyed but Mexican and pre-hyspanic food survived. Since, Mexico has had commercial trade agreements with the Americas, Europe and Asia.

All these centuries of history gave birth to a multitude of culinary currents and styles, of ingredients and sauces, of techniques and recipes. At Caifan, we will take you on a gastronomic and cultural trip, using dishes and drinks that represent different eras and regions of Mexico.